Off Grid Systems

Living with an off grid system has never been as achievable as it is with todays technology.

Having made the decision to live off grid, the 2 biggest decisions that will influence your off grid experience are, what equipment should you use and what support can I rely on for the life of the off grid system. FutureNRG has a range of off grid systems that cater for modest domestic users up to and including demanding 3 phase commercial uses.

Tesla Powerwall

Future NRG is the exclusive certified Tesla Powerwall off grid installer

Future NRG is the exclusively certified Tesla Powerwall installer in the Shepparton Echuca area. Consult with us to create a Tesla Powerwall System giving you independent and seamless energy production.

Tesla Powerwall means unparalleled quality, and can outperform and outlast many traditional Off Grid energy storage systems. With a sleek and compact design, the smart software offers clean energy solutions that get better over time. Tesla Powerwall has an active internet connection that provides free over- the- air updates to ensure customers have immediate access to new features and improved functionality. The mobile app provides comprehensive monitoring to show your energy usage in real time. For Tesla Powerwall customers this allows a unique insight into your homes energy usage and enables you to manage your energy consumption.

Tesla Powerwall available from Future NRG Shepparton and Echuca

Telsa Powerwall monitoring app available from Future NRG

How it Works:

Tesla Powerwall will charge from excess solar your panels produce, and will discharge when needed. If you ever run low on energy, Powerwall can automatically turn on the secondary energy source to power the home and charge the Powerwall. The back up gateway provides energy management, metering, and remote monitoring. The gateway also integrates with the alternative power source to automate the start and stop of additional generation.

What Now?

Tesla Powerwall systems are exclusively available through Future NRG. Consult with your local Tesla Powerwall specialist today!

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Custom Off Grid

FutureNRG has a range of off grid systems that cater for modest domestic users up to and including demanding 3 phase commercial uses.

Each off grid system Future NRG designs is unique and sized specifically for your demands, it is a balance of both AC and DC coupled solar to reflect the way that you use and capture energy and has enough storage to meet your needs. Our systems come with fully integrated and automatic generators that support the system in poor conditions when solar is not enough.

Future NRG preferred suppliers:

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Custom Off Grid solutions by Future NRG
Custom Off Grid solutions by Future NRG
Custom Off Grid solutions by Future NRG

What to consider when moving Off Grid?

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with all the appliances in your home and reflect on your typical use. There are a lot of things you can do to make your off grid power system as efficient as possible.

  • Installing one of Future NRGs Hot water systems is a simple way to drastically reduce your power consumption.
  • Consider using hydronic or wood fire heating
  • Choose appliances with a good energy star rating
  • Install LED lighting
  • Adjust your routine. Use bigger appliances when the sun is out, and doing tasks like washing and vacuuming through the day means you are using electricity directly from your panels rather than discharging your batteries.

Future NRG is here to provide all the information and support you need for a holistic approach to energy independence.

Contact us for a consultation on the best Off Grid system for you.

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