Battery Storage

Installing a solar battery will completely change how you use your solar power. Get more energy out of your solar panels and solar system.

Why add Battery storage to your solar?

In a standard solar system the excess power that is generated is supplied directly to your home as needed during the day. Unused power is then sold back to the power grid according to whatever agreement is set up with your electricity retailer. When the system is not generating power, your electricity comes from the grid. Adding battery storage to your system means that instead of feeding that unused power out, the excess energy produced by your panels during the day will now be available to directly power your home and appliances at night, or at any other time your panels are dormant. You will be using more of the energy you have freely generated, and buying only minimal amounts of electricity overall from the grid. You can still earn credit on your power bills, as when your battery is full the solar system will supply the remainder of unused energy to the grid.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall has taken the Australian battery storage system market by storm. Tesla Powerwall is a home battery solution that delivers enough energy to power an average home through the night. Tesla Powerwall can easily integrate into most existing solar systems. Powerwall can power your home through power outages.

Tesla Powerwall available from Future NRG Sheppaton and Echuca
LG Chem Home Battery available from Future NRG Sheppaton and Echuca

LG Chem Home Battery

LG has a long and reliable history in developing electronics. The LG Chem lithium-ion ESS home battery is compact and space saving design that allowes you to install it where you want, both indoors and out doors. This battery has a reliable performance and is expandable if you wish to increase your energy storage capacity.

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